Tips for a great party with a face painter!

Here are a few tips to make your child’s next birthday party a huge success!

– Put balloons on your mailbox! This is an age old tradition and a great way of getting children excited before they even enter the party. This will allow your guest to easily spot the party house. Also, your face painter isn’t likely to get lost.

Tiger Face Paint Design
– It is often a nice idea to have some little craft or game activity happening nearby while the face painting is going on. This will allow the kids to pop away to have their face painted without feeling like they are missing out on anything.

– If outdoors, please have the face painter set up under a tent or in the shade. This is good for both the face painter and the child in the chair. Sweaty kids are hard to paint!

– Make sure you hire the face painter for enough time to paint everyone at the party. Don’t let your guest feel left out because the face painter has to leave before they get a chance to paint everyone. It’s better to book the face painter for a little more time then you expect. You can always ask the face painter to stay longer and pay for their additional time. Although, this is not always guaranteed. They may have another party booked and have to leave to make their next event.

– Having a themed party can be a lot of fun. Kids really love transforming into their favorite character. It is also helpful for those kids that just can’t decide what they want painted. Popular themed parties are: Frozen, Hello Kitty, Peppa Pig, Disney, Super Hero, and SpongeBob

Batman Face Paint Design

-Have a large mirror for the children to admire their faces is always a good idea. We always bring our own mirrors to reveal the child’s freshly painted face as soon as we are done, but children always want to look at themselves more.  They will go back over and over again to check them selves out.

– Take lots of photos! Get  photos of each child before they run off and roll in mud or smother their face in birthday cake. Take a group photo too! This makes an awesome shot and your child will love looking back over the years at these photos.

– Have Fun!

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Hi I’m Chela. I have been a professional face painter for 5 years. Painting has been a life long hobby of mine. I have been a resident of the Orlando area for 12 years and enjoy face painting in the community. I love working with children and being outdoors. I would love to be apart of your next event! Please contact me to hire a face painting company in Orlando florida for kids parties and more!

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