Waterproof Face Painting

I am excited to offer waterproof, sweat proof, smudge proof face and body paint. This paint is perfect for pool parties, waterparks, and hot florida days! It was developed to withstand extreme conditions like warm temperatures, sweating, water, and rubbing. Under these conditions using traditional water-based face and body paint, the designs would start to run, smudge, and be ruined. The paint will last all day long and can easily be removed with soap and water. This durable hybrid formula paint was created for use on skin. No alcohol is needed for removal and it doesn’t stain!

waterproof face paint

waterproof face paint

I use ProAiir Hybrid Makeup and Dipps which is unlike any other makeup on the market. ProAiir contains no water and blends together using a complete set of water repellant ingredients. ProAiir, the standard for hybrid makeup with the most durable, longest lasting, non-staining, most water repellant face and body paint formula ever developed. Since no water is used in the paint formula, there will be little or no separation of pigments from fluids.

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