5 Questions to ask when you hire a face painter

5 Questions to ask when you want to hire a face painter for your next birthday party or event!

There are a lot of things to consider and plan when throwing your kid’s party. Where the event is going to take place, how long will the party last, will there be a theme, who should you invite, and much more. Entertainment is one of the major factors to consider. You can have a party, but will it be fun for your guest?… will your child remember the party years to come? Having a face painter is fun and exciting for children and adults alike.

If you decide to hire a face painter Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself and the face painting professional.

1) How many kids and adults will be at the party that will want their face painted?

This question is very important because it will determine how long you will need to hire the face painter. Knowing this number will save you money from overbooking the painter. It will also prevent unhappy party goes that didn’t get their face painted because the face painter was not booked long enough to accommodate the needs of the party.

On average, most professional face painters can paint around 13 kids in an hour. This number always varies (+ or -) due to the complexity of the designs and if they are full face or half face. Save money by booking the face painter for only the time needed!

Make your child and guest this happy with a face Painter!

2) What type of face painting do you want at your party?

Cheek Painting? Half Face? or Full Face Paint? The larger the design the longer it will take. This is a big factor when determining how many designs a face painter can complete each hour. If you are in a time crunch, budget crunch, or will have a lot of guests at your party, you may want to consider limiting the party goers to only a half-face or cheek art. We can always design a special design board specifically for your party to meet your theme, time, budget, amount or guest requirements. Sometimes extra fees are charged for custom design boards.

Types of Face Paint Designs

3) What type of face paint do they use?

Not all face paints are created equal so please ask your face painter which type of paint they use! Unfortunately, some face painters will use cheap non FDA approved face paints or even acrylic paints on kids. Even if these paints are non-toxic, they are not intended for human skin and could cause slight facial irritation or worse. When asking the face painter which type of face paint they use, they should be saying keywords like Cosmetic Grade, Hypoallergenic, FDA compliant, nontoxic paint and glitter. Colorful Day Face Painting only uses the highest quality professional face paint and we take pride in keeping all the materials hygienic. When you hire us, you can rest easy that your child and guest are getting the best face paint experience available.

4) Am I hiring a true face painting artist that is talented?

Not all face painters are the same. Their skill set and quality of work will vary drastically. Face painting is a “You get what you pay for” service. A $20 an hour face painter will not give you the quality and service that a $75 an hour face painter will charge. Compare artist in your area and determine the average cost per hour to hire a face painter. Then, compare each artist’s portfolio to determine if their quality of work is justified by their hourly rate. Doing some research will make sure you hire the best face painter you can at a fair price per hour. Try to avoid hiring a face painter off Craig’s List with few or no photos. You are investing your money for memories that will last forever for your kids. Remember: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

Make sure you hire a professional face painter
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5) Is the face painter coming to the party at the best time?

Have a plan on when the face painter will arrive and start. Sometimes having the face painter show up right when the party starts is a bad idea. Not everyone shows up to parties at the very beginning. It is best to have the face painter arrive when the party is the busiest. That way you get the most bang for your buck! You are wasting money if the face painter is early and no one is in line. Hire them to arrive at a time he/she can be painting nonstop for the duration of their booking.

Check out our face painting design gallery and we hope Colorful Day Face Painting is a good fit for your next party!!


Hi I’m Chela. I have been a professional face painter for 5 years. Painting has been a life long hobby of mine. I have been a resident of the Orlando area for 12 years and enjoy face painting in the community. I love working with children and being outdoors. I would love to be apart of your next event! Please contact me to hire a face painting company in Orlando florida for kids parties and more!

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