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There are many reasons why face painting is a big hit at children’s birthday parties and here are a few reasons:


Children love colorful things and so do we. That’s why we named our business Colorful Day Face painting! Kids Parties generally have a lot of colorful things from decorations to food. There’s no better way to have a colorful party, then to hire Colorful Day Face Painting. Face painting has become a popular party activity for both children and adults. We would love to be a part of your next party!


Children generally have a strong liking for artsy things. They tend to be naturals for choosing colors and are very open when it comes to appreciating designs. Children love transforming into the face painting character they choose.


Kids have great imaginations and that is why they love face painting so much. Face painting allows them to become any character they admire. Many kids love to be favorite superhero or a fairy princess. Face painting is often requested at special events for children and adults to enjoy. Kids can choose their favorite design from our face painting design board. Colorful Day Face Painting can help your kids dreams come true of becoming: hello kitty, spiderman, the hulk, frozen butterfly, batman, a scary monster, and any other design they can imagine. There may be a numerous reasons why a child will pick a particular face paint design. The biggest reason usually is that it allows them to transform into the character he or she wants to be.

Popular Face Paint Designs

As an experienced children’s face painter, I offer a handful of cute face paint designs for boys and girls. The designs range from the full face art, half face designs, and small cheek art. Some of our most popular face painting designs are the following:

Tiger Face Paint Design

TMNT Face Paint Design

Spiderman Half Face Design

Frozen butterfly Face painting design

Hello Kitty Orlando Florida Face Painter

Your Kid’s Safety Is Our Top Priority

When thinking about hiring a face painter as an activity at a child’s party, you need to know that all paint is not created equal. Parents, you want to make sure you children and guest are safe and the face painting materials being used are FDA approved. Colorful Day Face Painting only uses non toxic FDA approved body paint and glitter. Most common face paint sold at halloween and party stores are not FDA approved and are a very low quality paint. We never use this paint!

Face Painting Party Tips

We want every child and adult at our parties to be safe and happy. That is why we only use the highest quality paint and thoroughly-cleaned materials. We observe all safety precautions when doing face painting. With that being said, here are some face painting tips:

Skin Problems: The face paints we use are of high-quality and are safe for children and adults of all ages. However, for maximum safety, We do not recommend face painting for children with sensitive skin or for those whom are currently having and facial skin problems.

Water: A good amount of water must be used for cleaning materials like brushes and face painting sponges. We rinse everything with antibacterial soap.

Post-party care: Some children (and adults) might want to keep the face painting on forever, although we recommended that it be removed before going to bed. The FDA approved Face paint we use is formulated for easy removal with mild soap and water. Light colors come off with just a baby wipe. Some darker colors will linger. If this happens use a washcloth with soap.

Please read our Face Painting Frequently Asked Questions information and tips.


Hi I’m Chela. I have been a professional face painter for 5 years. Painting has been a life long hobby of mine. I have been a resident of the Orlando area for 12 years and enjoy face painting in the community. I love working with children and being outdoors. I would love to be apart of your next event! Please contact me to hire a face painting company in Orlando florida for kids parties and more!

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We Love Our Clients!

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